We are happy to announce that on September 2, 2019 our team participated in the camelyon17 Grand Challenge for the first time! The goal of this challenge is to assess algorithms for state-of-the-art automated detection and classification of breastcancer metastases in whole-slide images of histological lymph node sections. Our algorithm ’s performance measured with Cohen’s k coefficient, was 0.8683 allowing us to attain the 14th place (out of 87) in the competition’s leaderboard. It must be noted that the top-15 submissions were made by no more than 10 out of 60 competition participants, which effectively brings DeepMed IO to the top10 teams in theworld. We are optimistic that through our remaining two submissions, we will further improve our performance since we are one of the four teams that actually made it to top-15 with their first submission. It is worth mentioning that among the remaining three are (a) the Harvard Medical School in collaboration with the Center for Clinical Data Science and (b) the Eindhoven University of Technology. We wish to thank the nvidia Inception Program, the MCRC UoM, the Medical School of NKUA, TheChristie nhs FT, the MFT Wythenshawe hospital and the BRFAA for their continuous support in our efforts.